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Restaurant Jean Georges, Shanghai

Jean Georges Shanghai

This wasn't our first meal at Jean Georges though it was the first time we ate there in the day and managed to take a few photos in natural light. Because the restaurant is pretty chic with wooden panelling, dim lights (even dimmer in the toilets), leather seats...which while creating ambiance wasn't conducive to food photography.

We still think the cuisine is finer, plus travaillée at Jean Georges' than at Mr and Mrs Bund - though the latter remains our favourite restaurant in Shanghai to date thanks to its generous portions and good service. If I haven't mentioned it before, MM Bund's lobster steamed in a glass jar is something one has to try at least once when one is dining in Shanghai.

View of Liujiazui from our table at the Bund

Last week Hub worked through the weekend and had 3 days off (Wednesday was Tomb Sweeping Day in China) at the beginning of this week. Took the opportunity to lunch out most days as many good restaurants do prix fixe menus for lunch that would allow us to try different dishes without ruining our pockets (or our supposed diet). It's also nice to eat out on a nice sunny day - after weeks of continuous rain and grey weather. Our Champagne brunch at Jade on 36 last Sunday was too much though - I drank so much (we estimated we probably drank at least a whole bottle each of champagne and red wine between us) I broke my favourite mug when I reached home and couldn't sleep all night.

Foie gras brulé, candied pistachios - excellent and light

Sea scallops with caramelised cauliflower

The Chinese staff at Jean Georges needs to be better trained according to us. They seemed a little clumsy, lacking in elegance, savoir faire and rigour. I do not know if you have observed professional French waiters at work, but you'll understand then that serving truly requires technique and a certain finesse.

Baked salmon with black truffle crust

Caramelised tenderloin, potato confit with lemon

We took different dishes in the lunch menu and shared a second main dish - because Hub wanted to try their cheeseburger with Russian dressing and crispy onions. He said that since JG had a restaurant in the USA, he must be good at making burgers.

JG Cheeseburger, Russian dressing, crispy onions

The food didn't disappoint and the dessert was quite fine - a great way to end the meal with. We drank half a bottle of Chilean red wine which turned out to be quite good, though the cost of the sparkling water (98 rmb!!!) nearly freaked us out. Bill came up to 1000 rmb for the 2 of us, which I guess was normal for lunch. A similar meal for dinner would normally cost double.

Raspberry sorbet, mousse and meringue

Strawberry-Calamansi tart, lemongrass sorbet

Jean Georges Shanghai
3 on the Bund
Tel : 021 6321 7733

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