mardi, juillet 05, 2011

Dong Jiao State Guest Hotel, Shanghai

Dongjiao State Guest Hotel Gardens

Within walking distance to our villa is the 5* Dong Jiao State Guest Hotel which probably has one of the largest gardens in Shanghai that nobody ever visits. My Chinese neighbour had his outdoor wedding photos taken at its very big lake (with Chinese pavilion) and the last time I walked in the grounds I got horribly lost and had to hitch a golf cart ride back from the hotel.

The grandmas

The pond

Took the family for a visit one afternoon and on another day we had lunch in the hotel's "model" restaurant. If you remember the cookery lessons I took part in at the residence you may remember our teacher Chef Wang. He is a member of said restaurant's staff.

Shanghainese siu mai

Sweet and sour pork

Hot plate tofu

Taiwanese Sanbei ji

Shanghai little pork ribs

Cantonese roast duck

They serve mainly Shanghainese cuisine though there were a few Cantonese and Taiwanese dishes. Food's not too bad and prices are reasonable, we dine there when we do not feel like cooking or going too far out.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi -

I live in this compound, and I think the reason that no one walks in the gardens is because they are private! Unless you are visiting the restaurants or a guest, we really don't want many random people from throughout the city walking around.

I have actually seen the guards kick people out who had come and wanted to stroll around. They weren't visiting anyone and had no purpose there. Afterall, this is a gated community.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Actually lots of people walk in the gardens especially during the weekends! I discovered that when I started walking most mornings after last summer. I often bump into expats living in the other compounds like shimao lakeside, willowbrook etc. The guards should work harder at throwing out cars that do not belong to the residence though. There are too many of them using our gardens as a shortcut between Jinqiao and Zhangjiang. And I've also discovered that if you are white you get easier access to the gardens because they usually assume you live there. See you around!