mardi, juin 10, 2008

Fried Shrimp and Pork in Bean Curd Skin

Fried Shrimp and Pork in Bean Curd Skin

Dear E from Torino brought me some soft bean curd skin when she visited me a few months ago and I have finally done something with them : Fried Shrimp and Pork in Bean Curd Skin. For the Grades 3 and 4 Traditional Foods presentation - even though I have no children in the 2 classes...

Very easy to make and a little too oily for my own good but Oh! so yummy. And of course, the same thing can actually be steamed instead of fried.

The filling :

Raw peeled Shrimps
Raw minced Pork
Chinese Mushrooms
Fresh Coriander
Water Chestnuts (optional)
Light Soy Sauce
Dry Sherry or Chinese Rice Wine
Oyster Sauce
Ketchup Manis
Sesame Oil

Offered a few of the Bean Curd parcels in exchange for the right to taste the goodies that the other moms made for said presentation. Sh made a really hot and spicy Chicken Biryani and needless to say I wasn't shy, helped myself to 3 servings of the good stuff. And straight after I had lunch (Tex Mex) with Rb and the new mom J. So much (as usual) for my diet.

Part of the Traditional Foods Spread

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