vendredi, juin 27, 2008

Fishballs are Waiting

The cake I am supposed to make at Kuidaore's Baking Class

Will be going home on Sunday. Am scheduled to attend a baking class at Shermay's when I'm there, btw.

See you all in 3 weeks. Have a hot and fun Summer!

4 commentaires:

BibouMummy a dit…

soooooooooooo jealous! Makan more for me! Have fun! 'See' you when you return!

Edith a dit…

wow you are in Singapore!!!!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hey I usually try not to go near the Net when I'm on holiday!!!

And now I'm back in Italy...but going off tomorrow!

Edith a dit…

So how does this cake taste like? soft?