vendredi, septembre 15, 2006

Wisdom Teeth

I've put off having my 4 badly turned-out wisdom teeth removed for as long as I could. Because I believed that they were there for a purpose i.e. replacing bad molars (mine are all patched up with grey filling - metal smile) and any tooth is better than none, nobody in their right mind should have theirs removed if they're not decayed.
But it is difficult meeting every dentist in the eye, for every different one I've been to in the different countries I've lived in believed that these 4 teeth were causing my other teeth to decay. So when my mom came over to stay for a few weeks recently and could help with the kids, I decided to go ahead and have all four removed at the same time. Too smart for my own good.
Boy was it painful. One of them was extracted normally and the other 3 drilled out. The surgeon sewed the holes up with one end of the thread through my inner cheeks and it was horrible. I had a bloated face for 3 days and a gnawing ache for 2 weeks. It gets especially bad in the late afternoon. Even as I am writing this, the mouth is still aching and I spend ALL my time tongueing the 4 holes, it's really tiring. And I do not dare to brush my molars (fearing pain to the holes), so if this continues it wouldn't be good for the remaining old big teeth.
Cooking and eating is therefore not a very exciting entreprise for the moment. And school starts next week for my kids. So when things are a little more settled, I'll be back to blog. There's my 3 weeks in Tuscany to blog about and all the dishes I've been making aching teeth or not. And tomorrow we'll be dining in the only Michelin 2-star restaurant in Stuttgart. Lots of backblog...
À bientôt. Hasta Luego.

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