lundi, août 31, 2009

Studio Loft 2009

We had this one enlarged to canvas size

We make it a point to have our photos taken professionally each time we return to Singapore. Maybe it's because we didn't have a wedding album like most people and we are making up for it by making one up as we grow older and fatter.

Soupe Tonkinoise

One has to bring one's own costumes for the shoot and I never bring more than a change or 2 as I usually prefer to go to Singapore with an empty luggage and leave with one filled with food. Besides, I reason that if you look good, all you need is your face.

Asian Mother and Daughter

This year we were photographed on the black, white and eggshell backgrounds. I dressed up everyone in white, blue, yellow, red and beige. Baby Girl was the only one in a purple Vietnamese Ao Dai and those conical straw hats came back with us from Saigon too.

Vietnamese Beauty

It is never easy trying to capture the children on photo and Maryann, a mother herself, has lots of experience and patience. We have been with her since we visited her stand at Singapore Expo in 2005 and it is my regret that I never thought of having photos of myself taken professionally when I was pregnant. Since I have since closed shop, it will have to be for another life.

2 commentaires:

Sraikh a dit…

I dont think I have ever seen your pic before. Shut up. What extra weight. You are fishing for compliments. I know it!

My fav is one of the three kids sitting on the bench

Beau Lotus a dit…

Dear, I do have a few pics on my blog, including one posted just before I left for Singapore. I'm just so no-descript you didn't notice me - so no point posting too many :-)

I'm tipping in at 70Kgs (for just 1.6m) at the moment so I AM FAT. But try having your pic taken on a black background and with your girl in front - it's slimming.

But you could always say that my daughter is as pretty as me or something - I'm gracious enough to accept it LOL.