lundi, août 31, 2009

Makan Makan

Rahim's Bee Hoon Soto

I would have been a beauty in Ruben's times. But in Kate Moss' it doesn't do to be as plump as I am. I therefore had to be realistic and practical on my last trip back - the former because one cannot fail to eat when one is in Singapore and the latter as I am nearing 70kgs and cannot afford to put on the usual 7 Kgs that always accompany me after a few weeks in my hometown.

Rahim's Stall

So on my last trip home, I avoided buffet advertisements like the plague. I promised myself to eat just one dish every meal - and held out for a week until Anna invited me to a Fusion Chinese dinner at Hua Ting followed by One Wheel's Club Chinois brunch. Sigh...

Feast at Banana Leaf Apolo

In Singapore, it is possible to have just one dish each meal and still eat very well. It is because I no longer live in Singapore that I tend to gorge and consume more than 4 meals everyday when I am there.

Soy Bean Curd and Otah Otah

I really do love just the simple things : tau hueh (soy bean curd), Rahim's Bee Hoon Soto (that I've been eating since I was a teenager), good quality Cantonese Dim Sum (I had them at Yum Cha, Crystal Jade and Club Chinois this year), Roast Duck or Char Siu with Dumpling Egg Noodles (I had them almost every meal - it must be the negative reaction to Italian pasta, I so prefer the Chinese thin egg noodles), Teochew Fishballs, Hokkien Prawn Noodle Soup, Curry Flower Crab at Banana Leaf Apolo, Seafood Horfun from most Tzechar stalls, Malay Assam Sting Ray (I can eat this everyday), Malay Satay, Bengawan Solo kueh-kuehs, Roti prata, Kizune Udon soup, Pork Liver Congee...and damn good la mian (hand-pulled noodles) and Garlic-honey Pork Ribs from Mayim at Northpoint. I could go on, but I'm home now, I have to crash back to earth and eat soup everyday until I lose at least my holiday kilos.

Dim Sum at Yum Cha

Ok, just a bit more of reminiscing, on those days when I wasn't sticking to the one dish, I was seen at a Singaporean buffet at Straits Kitchen (Hyatt Hotel), a steamboat buffet at Coca (Mom's birthday), a Vegetarian buffet at LingZhi (still mom's birthday), a Ristafel at Rice Table, lunch at Sun with Moon, dinner at the Peranakan restaurant near my place, probably made the mistake of turning up at Penang (ate up a whole hawker centre), ate too much meat at Carnivore (Brazilian Churrascaria) and had buffet 3 times a day at Club Med Bintan in my last week. Not to forget 9-dish Tze-char dinners with the whole family on a few occasions. How could a country that doesn't produce much of any meat, fruit or vegetable cook up so many feasts?

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

so which place's dim sum did you like best? I'm compiling my lists for when I go back in early Dec!


Sraikh a dit…

I HATE YOU. How can you do this to me? drool drool drool.
Bee hoon soto, sting ray.
Sigh..and double sigh

Oh the soy curd, they actually have it in the asian store here and its as good as buying from the hawker center

Beau Lotus a dit…

Elaine, Crystal Jade is a safe bet and I like the Club Chinois Dim Sum (some items are quite interesting) too. Mayim and Yum Cha are quite decent places for Dim Sum too though the service is so-so at the latter.

Sraikh, I am toying with the idea of making my own soy curd - shouldn't be too difficult.

Dutchess a dit…

You were amazing at Carnivore. I couldn't see meat for the next week. Glad to know everyone got home safe and sound. Waiting for our next catch-up session again.

Beau Lotus a dit…

J, that was one good carnivorous meal you and H invited us to. I did eat too much, didn't I? Beat everyone of you flat. Now you know for sure I'm very serious about my food, not buffet queen for nothing.