lundi, juillet 06, 2009

Pre-Departure Musings

Bolenghi - specialty of the mountains near Vignola

I had a letter to post today and had to take the car for it. This is life in the country. Fresh air and space, but consume more petrol. After 2 years in Italy, I weigh as much as I did when I was 9-months pregnant with my last child. Baby Girl is 6 - but she wears a good 10 years. Anyway, I said goodbye to my Lancia Phedra today. Time to change the car for a totally new but more basic one. It's the crisis, the company wants us to downgrade.

And I am always sad when I have to say goodbye to my car. I do spend alot of my time in it, without a car you can't do much living where we are living. And with all the shopping, activities etc, I've become a chauffeur of sorts.

Asparagus Risotto at the Tre Lune

Yesterday, Hub was another man. He woke up relatively early for a Sunday and offered to bring the children to do Tree-top climbing (again). He didn't complain even once during the journey (we didn't follow the GPS this time and took a better route) and on the way there, he stopped at Albergo-Ristorante Tre Lune at Giuglia (MO) and ordered me a Bolengho. I suspect he's being sweet as we would be leaving in a few days and he'll not see us for a month. Sob sob.

Eldest Son walking on a tight rope

Anyway the hotel-restaurant caters mainly to elderly clients visiting the mountains for fresh air and looks pretty charming from the outside. Inside it has a pretty dining hall and the food was pretty classic and good.

The last week had been hectic - with last-minute shopping for gifts to bring home. I still need a luggage and since I want another Samsonite, I need to hunt high and low for it in this ulu place. With pasta sauce, balsamic vinegar and olive oil to bring home, I cannot risk softer luggages. And I've my eye on those 4-wheel ones too.

Grilled Gambas in Garlic, Chilli & Tomato Sauce, Squid Ink Tagliolini

It's also time to clear out the fridge and freezer. Clear out things the Hub wouldn't eat and replace them with things he would eat in our absence. Bought nearly 3Kg of Argentinian Entrecote and had them cut into thick pieces and frozen individually. And while making space in the freezer for the meat, found a big box of Argentinian Gambas. Add that to the packet of fresh Squid Ink pasta in the fridge - you get Grilled Gambas in Garlic, Chilli and Tomato Sauce served on a bed of Squid Ink Tagliolini. Awesome.

I apologise to the various families whom I've vaguely promised to meet with in the last 2 weeks - and failed to do so. I couldn't manage to finish packing and am still in the midst of doing so...

e fly off on Wednesday and will be back just before school starts again. As we leave Europe, I just had another thought. Lately, with the hot weather, I've been seeing a number of ladies cycling in their underwear and even one woman of a certain age mowing her field in her bra! I love Western Europe for this. We would see them and be amused by it, but that's it. We respect a woman's right to walk around half naked if she so wishes. Ciao!

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Anonyme a dit…

Enjoy your time back in Spore. There were some good air fare deals from SQ to SE Asia & North Asia running currently. Particularly good was one for HK for only SGD289-290 inclusive of all taxes it was below SGD300 per person forgot the exact price, price was advertised in late June. I thought that was the best air fare ever from SQ to HK beating even JetStar low cost flight fares.

So suss around for good air fares as the national airlines sometimes beat the low cost airlines in pricing what with economic recession & flu virus being rampant.

su a dit…

Hi lotus,
I just came back last sunday and will be ard till 19/7. It'll be great if i can bump into u in sg. Need to ask u abt the German school system. Will be going back there nxt yr.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hi Anon, I've booked a few flights out namely Penang with Tiger and Saigon with SQ. I would love to visit HK, but Hub said enough with flying!

Su, your boys are still very young, the German system in the South (it's different in the north and in the east) would be OK as they stream at the age of 9. So if you go next year, they'll have time to master the language.

My kids attended the French-German school in Sillenbuch. It's a good one and it's public.

I've to go now, Hub has a meeting rescheduled for the time he was supposed to send us to the airport so we'll have to leave earlier! Unfortunately Bologna is not Changi...

edith a dit…

Have a nice trip home. If you like, we can have tea.