vendredi, juin 15, 2007

The House

Our new (farm)house in Modena, Italy

I've forgotten to take pictures of the house when I was there as we were too busy measuring walls for our wardrobe, bookshelves etc. So I took a few from afar on another occasion. They do not do justice to the house as it has a lovely arcade in the middle which can only be seen from the other side.

I must have mentioned that it's in the middle of a field which can be quite smelly at certain times of the year. We're going to inhabit only half of this former farmhouse. Our part is about 450 m2, is divided into 3 floors and has 6 bedrooms.

View from the main gate

Apparently hares, pigeons and other wildlife hang out in these fields. Not to mention spiders, wasps and all kinds of grisly insect life. Now, what have I gotten myself into?

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