vendredi, juin 15, 2007

Final German Shopping Sprint

There is nothing like knowing that you're going to leave a country to spur you on to yet another shopping spree. I call it the Final German Shopping Sprint. Just had to leave Germany with a few typically German stuff (or what Germans like to buy).

So I've been busy the past week shopping everywhere, from Stuttgart Mitte to Ebay Germany to other towns like Reutlingen, Metzingen, Heidelberg etc.

To date, I have purchased 2 children's beds of which one is in the form of a racing car and the other comes with a slide (Flexa Morton - Danish though). I've also bought a wooden Kaufladen (Grocery stand) complete with marquise and a few hundred bucks' worth of mini wooden, paper and plastic groceries. They are so cute. You wonder of course if I didn't buy them for me rather...:-)

A German mother mentioned the Bavarian German costume Dirndl (the one where waitresses in the Biergarten wear with their boobs almost falling out of it) and believe it or not, I went to get myself one, though the one I liked is a little too small for me and I'll need to lose at least 5 kgs to be able to squeeze into it.

Then I also bought a Die Wilden Kerle football goal post for Eldest Son, a Smoby Jura Lodge Playhouse, tonnes of costumes (Disney Princesses, Pirate, Knight etc) for the babies, a 6m water slide and an inflatable airblown pirate ship. As you can imagine, I'm already trying to fill up the field surrounding my new house.

Last but not least, I got myself 3 pairs of shoes from Hugo Boss, telling myself that I will probably not see the shop again once I leave Stuttgart. And besides, we've been invited to dinner by Hubby's CEO in August...

Otherwise I've also been really busy with all the administrative details to finalise. The other morning I also had to wake up at 6am just to make crepes for Eldest Son's class charity crepe sale. And I've been ferrying the kids to all sorts of playgrounds including the Jolos Kinderwelt in Sindelfingen. I've still the French and German taxes to file...The movers arrive on Thursday the 27th and will pack through Saturday!

I'm really behind in my blogging and unfortunately it'll have to wait till we settle down in Italy.

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Alyson a dit…

Italy has LOADS of Hugo Boss stores! And many shops just carry it anyway, but good excuse for buying ;) We have Disney stores too, these carry extra stock near Carnavale for all the kids to dress up in.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Schucks, you've given me away :-). Any excuse for shopping is a good excuse.

I know, Hugo Boss is now Italian, by the way. And I went to the Disney Store in Florence last Summer, nearly bought Baby Girl a Princess dress, but Hubby dissuaded me, saying that it was really ugly and I've been regretting it ever since...

In Italy, I'm looking forward to doing the Italian brands, but that'll be a new chapter :-).