vendredi, juillet 21, 2006

@Sunrice Culinary Academy in Singapore : Thai Cooking

Eating is what we do lots of in Singapore, but before there is anything to eat, someone has to do the cooking. Cuisine is therefore big on the island and they are finally going to capitalise on it, coming up with a few culinary institutes, teaching not only local fare, but also cuisines from our neighbours, the usual French, Italian etc. At @Sunrice Culinary Academy, we met a French Chef who has worked with a few big names in France now here in Singapore to help the cooking school acquire Fusion Cooking instruction expertise. This is all so exciting.

So one morning when we were last in Singapore, Hubby and I decided to sign up for a Thai Cooking class at @Sunrice Culinary Academy situated in a restored old colonial building at Fort Canning Hill, surrounded by forests, a beautiful spice garden, a royal Malay tomb, an archeological excavation site...all in the heart of town, believe it or not.

We were 8 in the class that morning. When we arrived for Part 2 (it was held in 3 parts), the 2 women (Australian and Russian) before us had already visited the Spice Garden, had lemongrass tea and a few savory snacks and were learning how to pound spices to make a paste. A pungent, delicious and eye-watering aroma filled the air as we joined the class.

We watched a cooking demonstration of 2 dishes (Roasted Duck Red Curry and Pandan Chicken) in Part 2 of the class and then prepared 3 dishes (Green Papaya Salad, Hot Basil Stir Fry Noodle, Crispy Ruby) on our own. In Part 3, we ate everything for lunch :-).

Roasted Duck Red Curry

Pandan Chicken (our instructor who's from China)

een Papaya Salad

Hot Basil Stir Fry Noodle

Crispy Ruby

The dishes were really quite simple to prepare. But we were interested in learning better cooking techniques and in gaining a better understanding of the ingredients used in Thai cooking - which explained why we attended the class. We will certainly attend another cooking class the next time we return to Singapore. The class was well-organised, the facilities good and the surroundings were just lovely. We were pleasantly surprised by what Fort Canning Park had to offer.

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