jeudi, juillet 20, 2006

Singapore : Makan Makan

I mentioned in an earlier posting that I would be publishing a few pictures of food that I've eaten on my last trip to Singapore. I have not been able to download my photos onto Blogger from my computer for more than a month now and have just discovered that I could do so from a friend's computer (all the way in Singapore), so that's the way my photos are getting onto my Blog for now. And thanks to YL for the help!

Singapore is Makan City (Makan = Eat in the Malay language). Forget the Lion, we do not even know for sure if it ever existed on the island before they bought a few of them for our world-class zoo :-).

In 3 weeks, I had of course eaten more dishes than I could ever post. Not forgetting the fact that 90% of the time, I was so excited seeing the food that I usually forgot to take a picture of it and would have gobbled it up before I remembered. As such, you wouldn't get to see the delicious White Pepper Crabs at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant in Geylang, the Peking Duck and Sharks Fin Soup in some kind of Chinese wine at LaoBeijing Chinese Restaurant at Plaza Singapura, the Fried Sotong Mee people queue up hours for at the new foodcourt in Wisma Atria (I was the 1st customer on the day I was there so heh heh), the Beef Rendang at Rendezvous Nasi Padang Restaurant, the Samsui Chicken at the Soup Restaurant, the Spinach Tofu at Club Chinois, alamak the list goes on. Then of course there are those photos that I had taken badly and couldn't post e.g. Rahim's Bee Hoon Soto and Mixed Satay (the very best), the Seafood Yam Pot at Lai Wah Chinese Restaurant...

But I was lucky that my delicious Nonya dinner at the Straits Inn and another (this time vegetarian) one at Greenland Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant (both at Upper Serangoon Rd) turned out a few decent photos. So here goes :
Straits Chinese Satay Chicken
Assam Fish Head Curry

Tofu with "Salted Fish"

Vege-tarian Crispy "Fish" in Soya Sauce

"Spare Rib" King

Kangkong Belachan (real veggie :-) )

Hong Kong-style "Roast Meats"

Sweet and Sour "Pork"

I love Buddhist Vegetarian food in Singapore. They are very good, not cheap, taste like the real thing (e.g. meat), does not contain garlic and onions and you can't find it in Europe. So Vegetarians elsewhere just eat vegetables, but in Singapore (and in Taiwan, Hong Kong...), they get to eat "fish" and "meat" too without offending the Goddess of Mercy :-).

Nonya food too is one of my favourites. Hot, sour, sweet, shiok and sublime when downed with a few glasses of freshly-squeezed lime juice. I managed only to take 2 pictures from the meal because I had gobbled up the rest before I remembered that I have a blog...

To end this posting, here are pictures of 2 classic hawker fare - Roast chicken rice and another one with char siu and sauce added.

Sigh, feel like returning home again...

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