mardi, mars 07, 2006

Ode to Hubby Turning 40

Ode to My Hubby Turning 40.

The best thing about Turning 40 is that you are 40 years between 2 potties
You are chummy with money and no longer have to count your pennies
Funny how you used to spend 10 hours in a coach to visit a city for 20
And nobody could force you now to even send a postcard to mommy.

You know what wines to order
What jokes to share
You may have lost your father
But your losses with grace you know how to bear
And like him you still have all your hair and to boot a cave hors pair!

A pretty house you have
A red car, Samsung Plasma and dezoned DVD
Crazy children you love
And almost all of your teeth.

Now you just need to throw a jolly little party and invite all your potes
That they come arms full of prezzies, bottles and anecdotes
To enjoy my canapés, roast meats and rich cake from Robert
And to toast you Grand Old 40 now that you are well on your way there!

---The above was what I came up with to grace the cover of the invitations that I've just sent out to my hubby's friends inviting them to his 40th Birthday in April.

Actually so lau liao* still have what Bday party, but then I have no idea of what present to give him so I thought I could kill a few birds with one stone : we'll do it at his mom's place, so Ah-Ma gets to see her son and some of his male friends whom she likes to flirt with; I invite his friends, he's happy; I cook, everyone's happy; and when they come, they bring the presents...

Actually he doesn't have that many friends come to think of it. But the numbers if everyone turns up would be quite big coz you also have to invite the other halves and the kids. So next thing to work the grey matter would be over what to concoct.

So far images of foie gras on toasts accompanied by a sweet white wine (I'm quite into the SWW) have been flashing in the mind. I also see sticks of satay lilit (have been itching to make it since the cooking demo I saw in Bali the last time we were there) and little tasting plates of risotto with truffles (just bought some truffles from Hediard). They could be followed by a few ravioles de foie gras (the raw lobes) cooked in a simple beef consommé, a couple of fried parcels of tiger prawns and cheese served on a bed of rocket salad leaves. For the main course, losing steam already so maybe I'll just do a classic roast leg of lamb with herbs and serve it with sautéed potatoes à la Sarladaise and green beans lightly fried in butter, garlic and parsley. For dessert, I'm totally giving up by now, am going to order a nice rich and very expensive cake from Robert.

I didn't mention the wines but you know they are unlikely to disappear from a meal in a French household. To limit damages to my wine cellar, I'm going to play SAM (Are you SAM? SAM is the person who drives. SAM is the person who does not drink...) messages from the French Police reminding people not to drink too much if they're going to drive (heh heh). I mean, seriously, you invite people to eat your food and drink your wine, and you could get into trouble with the law if they get caught for drunk driving. Quite one no-win situation. Now you know why in Holland when people invite you to their house for tea you have to bring your own cake.

Actually the truth is I have no idea about what wines to serve, that is more the Bday boy's domaine, so he'll have to deal with it himself. We'll finish with champagne and I guess coffee, tea and chocolates I recently ordered from Hediard.

Anybody got a better idea can always let me know.

*lau liao (Hokkien for ''old already'')

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