jeudi, mars 09, 2006

Dad should Blog

The thing about being KS* and jumping on the wagon when you do not know where it's going, why you are on it and whether you really want to be on it in the first place is that once you're on, you either jump off and break a few bones or you hang tight and try to make the best of it.

The former is out for me since I am the daughter of a Chinese Sinseh** and since I was petite (as in young, not small in size - how I wish) Dada has instilled in me a fear of breaking any bone and having to have him piece me up with his lack of anaesthetic, his very effective but smelly ointment, and most potent of all, his nagging cum swearing.

So I guess you can say that I am trying to hang tight. That I just blog and try to make the best of it.

To educate myself, I have spent the past week reading a few popular blogs both in Singapore and in France. I must say that this is all very interesting. There are really all sorts of bloggers out there and whether they just talk about food (really not good for my tomorrow-will-start diet), about sex (sometimes better than Penthouse letters somemore free of charge) or about politics (makes all the essays I wrote in my Political Science Graduate student years look like beef jerky), whether they write proper English or prefer to exercise their Singlish, there is really something for everybody.

I have however omited mention of specific-interest blogs on cars, God, computer programmes etc as I am not a complicated person and food, sex and politics are quite enough for me ;-).

My Christian School (the school not me) upbringing dictates that I write my blog as things happen. It didn't occur to me that I could have done it differently, like hide my identity, write in such a way nobody could be sure is fiction or non-fiction, buy myself notoriety by creating sensation and scandal, spreading rumours, talking cock. Never thought of myself as ''square'' and simple before, and I wonder if the alternative explanation ''getting old'' is any better.

Then there is the thing about the language. I told myself that I will write my blog in English, occasionally in French and maybe once in a blue moon in Spanish or German. It completely escaped me that I could use Singlish. Yet I am not too bad in the verbal art version of the language, mind you.

But last night a resourceful friend of mine living in Italy introduced me to Talk Rock ( and my my, the guy is explicit, pornographic and so on, but damn hilarious.

It is a wonder that someone using a lot of dirty words like KNNBCCB, CheeBye, LamPah etc should make any sense when talking politics. And yet he did. And he even made me laugh.

The weird thing is that whenever I hear Dada using the same words I didn't find it funny, but hearing them come out of Rockson's horsey mouth, I actually thought they ''become'' the blogger. Some kind of artistic license?

Maybe I should encourage Dada to blog. It'll be better than him dragging his ever-growing belly around the flat all day long. I am sure he can give Rockson a run for his money. Besides he likes to complain about the Gahmen***, what better place to do so, right?

And I have even chosen his title for him : ''Frankly speaking...'' (private joke in my family)

*Kiasu (scared to lose out)
**Chinese Sinseh in my Dada's case is a Bonesetter.
***Gahmen = Government. Quite cool as in Mandarin ''Yamen'' is a bureaucrat's office!

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